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4CO is a non-profit independent humanitarian organization (NPO), oriented life to save children and adolescents, ensure their growth, improve the quality of life, provide them with a better future, and anything else that might be in their favor. It operates directly and indirectly, without any discrimination, inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Convention on the Rights of the Child - CRC), adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 20 November 1989 recognizes that even the children, girls and adolescents are holders of civil, social, political, cultural and economic, which must be promoted and protected by all. Within the limits of the law, 4CO will take any action, without exception to achieve the goal.

Millions of children and young people around the world live in poor conditions due to various types of poverty that often are additive (health, food, water, education, love, community). These millions of children and young people would like to improve their present and have an acceptable future. 4CO is committed to help change their lives across the world; it is an ambitious goal. 4CO gathers people who want to play a defining role in that mission. 4CO combines experience across various industries from banking to insurance, from industry to commerce, from consulting to service, with the knowledge of social problems, development and technology. Our team collaborates with specialists already working in the field. Together, we work to support children and young people and to understand their challenges.

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4CO help children and youth overcome their challenges. Empower fight - poverties programs focused on youth wellbeing. Select exceptional NPOs and social enterprises to support by carefully reviewing their performance.Focus on Health, Economic, Education, Empowerment, Rights, Protection


4 Children Organization selects highly effective Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) and social enterprises working to save and support children and youth globally, to provide financial support for specific projects. The selection affects primarily NPOs operating for at least three full years (3 budgets), regardless of geographic location and takes place by procedures which 4CO adopts from time to time, focusing on the social impact generated and can be generated in the short, medium and long term. Our methodology leverages due-diligence, expert networks and on-the-ground analysis. 4CO focuses on an analysis of an organization's social impact, operations and leadership. Organizations are identified by our ongoing global sourcing initiative. 4CO may also carry out any other activities (excluding none) necessary in order to pursue its institutional goals. As well as carrying out activities directly related to those institutional, or incidental, as long as integrative of the same, to the extent permitted by law.

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People - Ambassador - The people who through their donations are helping 4CO to change the present and the future of children and youth.
Corporate - Gold Amabassador - The corporate that through their donations are helping 4CO to change the present and the future of children and youth.
Systems - Gold Ambassador - The systems that facilitate 4CO to collect donations to change the present and the future of children and youth.



4CO gathers people who, via their donations, want to play a defining role in helping change the lives of children and youth. 4CO is open to the future and innovation. Accept donations in any currency, present or future.


Directly - Traditional Currencies (PayPal) Virtual Currencies ( Other (
Indirectly - Social cashback.

4CO is registered according to Swiss authorities and it operates in accordance with the legislation of Switzerland. It submits annual Balance and to validate its transparency, has provided for a voluntary accounting audit by an external entity authorized by Swiss Authorities.
4CO is totally transparent, donors have the periodic reports of the use of their donations and social impact generated. Donors may request a meeting with the beneficiaries of their donations. 4CO organizes these meetings, on the basis of requests received.



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